Distorted Self Image

Our self images are negatively distorted. The above video is by no means a study or experiment but certainly an example of typical human psychology, both male and female. It's a cute video but it only interested me incidentally in that it hints at the truth of self image psychology, which helped me immeasurably as a teenager. The self-help literature tree has a root. It originated in the work a german plastic surgeon named Maxwell Maltz who wrote Psychocybernetics.

All the big motivational gurus such as Zig ZiglarTony Robbins, and Brian Tracy have based their techniques on Maltz's work. Dr. Maltz said that our personalities are defined by how we see ourselves, and more often than not we see ourselves as uglier and weaker than we truly are.  My favorite painter Salvador Dalí, upon discovering Maxwell's ideas was so impressed that he painted the work on the right for Dr. Maltz.