1. Mandarin Oriental

2. Park Hyatt

3. Ritz-Carlton

4. Executive House Zen at New Otani


1. Celaravird



2-8-1 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; 03-3465-8471

With a chef who has trained at both elBulli and Noma, this spot quietly opened in 2015. The nine-course tasting menu incorporates French technique with Scandinavian, Japanese and other global influences. -Kelly Dobkin

2. Den

2-3-18 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo . +81 3 6455 5433

The ambiance/decor is lacking here, but is ranked 17th in the world. Recommendations: signature foie gras monaka (wafer sandwich) as an appetizer; the 20-plus-vegetable Den garden salad, invariably incorporating a few surprises; and the now-classic Den-tucky Fried Chicken. Also, try donabe-gohan, claypot-cooked rice with wagyu beef or seafood.

3. Quintessence

This city has more Michelin stars than anywhere else in the world and this place has 3 of them. Japanese French fusion restaurant. It’s difficult to reserve a table in the restaurant and it’s been listed as among the 50 best restaurants in Asia.

4. Ginza Ukai-tei

Ginza Ukai-tei

Ginza Ukai-tei

American Hibatchi = Japanese Teppanyaki. A hundred-year-old zelkova beam and a mosaic wall. The restaurant, with its array of Japanese and Western antique furniture,  has an atmosphere where art-nouveau and Japanese style meet, and it is just like a museum. 

5. Sushi Sora

A better alternative to the “Jiro dreams of sushi” restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro - where talking is frowned upon, there’s no menu, and diners have 30, hyper-regimented minutes.


  • Natura Shibuya - Thermal Spa 

  • Kozue - One of the best sake bars in the city 

  • Karoke Kan - Where Bill Murray sang in the film Lost in Translation

  • The famous intersection outside of Shibuya station 

  • Pachinko places