2014 MITX Award

The app we built won the most Innovative Mobile App Award of 2014! This is kind of a big deal, folks.

The MITX What’s Next Awards is a showcase of the best of the best in digital and innovation in New England. Since 1996, the MITX Awards have grown to become one of the largest and most prestigious awards competitions in the country for marketing innovations, as well as creative and technological accomplishments. 

We've also shot up to the top 50 productivity apps of the App Store:

Background - In 2013 I joined the founding team of Boston-based private social network software startup Mustbin. We built a new ultra-secure platform for organizing your most vital information and treasured moments. At Mustbin I lead the R&D efforts with the team of inspired developers and designers responsible for building the Mustbin platform. After our launch in November we had a number of articles written about in media outlets such as TechcrunchXconomy, etc.. My favorite is this article from China.  To find out more about the project, watch the explainer video below (but be careful, the theme is catchy). Currently we're building out the platform to include Android and Desktop clients.